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Deceleration News Identifies Top 5 Severely Energy Burdened Neighborhoods in San Antonio

Deceleration News is an online journal that shares news related to ecological, political, and cultural crisis with a focus on the intersection of environment and justice. Greg Harman with Deceleration News was interested in identifying the top 5 neighborhoods in San Antonio with the highest number of homes experiencing severe energy burden. Access to GEM allowed them to easily find this data at the neighborhood level, identifying the West, Southwest, and Northwest areas of San Antonio with the most homes paying more than one of every ten dollars to CPS Energy.

Greg is excited to use GEM to present critical data and evidence that can speak to their recommendations they’re making at the city level on how to address and alleviate energy burden across the City of San Antonio.

Read the full story and view the top 5 neighborhoods in San Antonio and experiencing severe energy burden and their median household incomes.

Greg Harman of Deceleration News


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