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Greenlink Analytics: 2023 Impact Report

Updated: Apr 25

"When we cannot predict the outcome of a person’s life because of a race, gender, or where they’re from, we will have succeeded." ~Greenlink Analytics

Greenlink is pleased to announce publication of its 2023 Impact Report, showcasing the incredible work accomplished by our team. Throughout the year we continued to make good on our mission to drive a fast and fair clean energy transition.

This year our greatest successes came in the form of enabling and assisting community-based organizations and governments advance inclusive and fair approaches for engaging communities in decisions related to climate change and energy.

Energy connects us all. It underpins the workings of modern society. Yet, the pollution that comes from extracting and burning fossil fuels for our energy needs continues to exacerbate climate change and its negative impacts, such as record breaking heat, flooding, and wildfires. However, these impacts are not borne evenly by all.

People in non-white communities are more likely to experience chronic health challenges, toxic living situations, and severe economic strain. They are also more likely to lack agency over where they live and how they want to live. The result is higher energy burdens, an important indicator used to analyze socioeconomic equity, as well as a higher correlation with other burdens, including asthma rates and urban heat.

We can do better. We must do better. Greenlink wants to ensure that the clean energy transition is available to everyone. That requires accurate data, better processes, and policies built from the ground up. Read our Impact Report for 2023 to discover the many ways we're moving the needle in this regard.


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