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Kavin Manickaraj

Chief Data Scientist

Kavin is the Chief Data Scientist at Greenlink Analytics where he develops and implements advanced modeling techniques for ATHENIA, Greenlink’s primary energy and resource analysis tool. He also serves as an expert in renewable energy systems, energy efficiency strategies for commercial buildings, and statistical methods in data analysis. Kavin holds a Master in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech where he specialized in thin-film semiconductors and photovoltaics.

Kavin Manickaraj

Mantripragada, M., Madhavan, S., McDonald, S., Spratling, D., Manickaraj, K., & Cox, W.M. (2022).

Driving displacement: Energy, social, and environmental determinants’ roles in urban gentrification. 2022 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

McDonald, S. Cox, W.M. & Manickaraj, K. (2020). Energy burdened households in the United States: Towards policy implications for three major US Cities [Conference Paper]. 2020 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

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